The government says we need more Vitamin D… should you believe them?

As soon as we get into August, for¬†some indiscernible reason, people start talking about Christmas. Not Winter time per se but rather “it’ll be Christmas before you know it”.

We’re not sure if people just want to show off that they know how time works or whether we Brits just have a profound obsession with the Winter months. Either way, even the government are chatting about the end of summer but not for the reason you’d think.

In a dastardly attempt to improve the overall well-being of our country, the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) have encouraged everyone to start taking vitamin D supplements for the upcoming colder months.

vitamin d

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As with most governmental advice, people are getting very upset about it. From misleading headlines, people are getting the impression that the government think we’re all vitamin D deficient cave creatures – which just isn’t the truth.

The NHS website explain that roughly one in five people have low vitamin D levels. The reason the government is encouraging us to take a daily supplement of 10mcg is as simple as “they’re just looking out for us”.

The official quote reads that the recommendation is “to ensure that the majority of the UK population has satisfactory vitamin D blood levels throughout the year, in order to protect musculoskeletal health”.

They¬†looked at the links between musculoskeletal conditions (cancer, MS and cardiovascular diseases) and vitamin D levels but didn’t find anything conclusive. That said, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Because of our cruelly overcast climate, SACN are concerned that our only source of vitamin D from October to February is our food. It’s hard to rely entirely on food alone unless you’re eating a tuna and salmon omelet, three meals a day for six months – supplements are the logical solution!

If you’re already taking this little booster pills then good work, if not, swing by your local health food shop for some recommendations, alternatively you can just move to Australia for our Winter and catch the rays down-under. Merry Early Christmas, we guess.