8 things you’ll NEED at Reading and Leeds Festival

So you bought your Reading or Leeds Festival ticket for this weekend months ago, and you’ve been counting down the days until your annual weekend of debauchery and rock music.

But don’t get caught out and forget these essential festival items on Friday to Sunday. Check out our list and cross them off one by one.

1. A solar charger

Gone are the days of flat battery for most of the weekend. Grab yourself one of these flashy solar chargers and not only will your phone be Instagram-ready at all times, but any other electronic gadget you can’t live without will be ready to go too. This WakaWaka model is our top tip.

2. Portable speakers

A festival isn’t just about the stars you see on the main stage, it’s just as much about hanging out in the campsite with your friends. But you still need music back at your tent, so bring along a Jambox and you’ll be the envy of everyone.

3. Sleeping gear… for two

Let’s not beat around the bush, chances are that if you’re not already going as a couple, that you’ll likely hook up with someone at a festival. So why not be prepared with this double sleeping bag (interestingly┬átitled the Sexy Hotness sleeping bag), and get busy in total comfort.

4. A lantern

What do you mean a lantern? You’re in a field with 25,000 other people, it’s going to be light right? Wrong. Campsites are woefully underlit and can be pretty difficult to navigate after the music stops. Take it from someone who’s toppled into too many occupied tents to take the risk this time. Bring a lantern.

5. A tent with a view

Where did you think you were going to sleep dummy? You’ll need a tent, end of. But make it one with a nice sociable veranda (sort of).

6. Earplugs

Even if you’re planning on staying up all night, we’re betting you’re going to want a lie in the next morning. That’ll be tough if you don’t remember to bring along some earplugs, that’s for sure. Try these Etymotic Music Pros, which are specially designed to cope with the ultra high sound levels at music festivals. So you can not go deaf during the day, and sleep like a baby at night.

7. Camping stove

It’s tempting to save space and just buy food all week, but stalls shut after the music stops, and midnight munchies can be a real killer. Make sure you pack a lightweight camping stove. Trust us, a hot pot noodle at 4am after three days of no sleep is about as close to heaven as it’s possible to get.