Giventure is the volunteering personal assistant that lives in your phone

This week has been #VolunteersWeek all around the world so what better way of combining our love of innovative and inspirational start-ups with the great work of volunteers. Giventure is an app that helps anyone lend a helping hand to the causes local to them at the click of a button.
organisers, you can reach volunteers, optimise scheduling and analyse your data.

It’s a simple idea but one that might make a huge difference in the future. If we all spent as much time idly gazing over Instagram as we did flicking through and exploring Giventure, the world might feel a little bit closer.

The project has been worked on for the last three years but needs complete backing in order to become a fully functional reality.

At the time of writing, this app’s Kickstarter has $5,410 of the $12,000 goal with 29 days to go. If you want to donate, be sure to swing by.