Why we LOVE #Girlswithgluten and why they’re our fave foodie inspiration

Sick of seeing your Instagram feed clogged up with pics of inch-perfect celebs? Or your friend’s show-off leafy packed lunch? Us too. Which is why we’re so happy that a new Instagram community has been cooked up which encourages women to celebrate eating exactly what they want. Not a celery stick in sight.

#Girlswithgluten is an Instagram community that encourages women to upload images of themselves with the most gluttonous food. It’s the perfect antidote to the fitness-freak trend in social media right now. Think bacon butties dripping with mayonnaise, or melted chocolate cream puffs oozing syrup. Better stop, we’re drooling…

Here are a few of our favourite posts so far:







So what are you waiting for! Get posting, and don’t forget to add the hashtag #girlswithgluten. Be sure to give their page a follow too. This one’s for burger lovers everywhere.