Get your glide on like Brooklyn Beckham

Lily Allen’s feet seem to be glued to hers, Brooklyn Beckham’s been dancing on his – but, harking back to the days of Back To The Future, what’s the big deal about rideable technology? 

The Airboard – looking like a split between a skateboard and a segway – is attempting to change the way we move about. We’ve seen a host of videos on Instagram in the last few weeks of celebs zipping around on the boards, and they seem like A LOT of fun.

But how do they work? Riders power the Airboard simply by leaning forward. They can last up to 14km and it only takes an hour for them to be charged up again.

At a hefty £599, you might not want to rush with your wallet. However, with tube strikes planned again, it might revolutionise your commute.

You never know, you might get as good as Brooklyn Beckham: