Get hot fast: Body tips from a top fitness coach

We know you’re all gym obsessed right now. Who doesn’t want to look like Millie Mackintosh or Zac Efron, let’s be honest? So we caught up with one of the top fitness coaches around, David Higgins.

We all want to get fit fast, but doing it always seems like such an uphill battle. Well we’ve got the advice and inspiration you need right here. Read these top tips and you’ll be well on your way…

1. These are the weights you should be using 

I’d recommend using free weights for the best results. Free weights encourage more muscle to be utilised throughout your body and also challenge your core. For example, if you were doing a standing overhead press with some dumbbells as opposed to a seated overhead press on a fixed machine, your body would need to recruit more muscles for the standing overhead press with dumbbells. The main moving muscles would be the same for both types of exercise but the free weights requires you to use your stabilising muscles. Your legs stabilise your position from the floor (they are engaged but not moving), your core muscles are engaged to provide a strong base for the moving muscles above.

Image credit: Giphy

Image credit: Giphy

2. Do you know why you need to drink water?

Homeostasis relates to the chemical reactions that happen in your body, in this case for the production of energy. Water is the solution that these chemical reactions take place in. If you are thirsty then you are already dehydrated. If your muscles are fatigued then you are again late in providing it with energy. Fuel up before, during and after exercise to make sure your body reacts efficiently.

3. Massage is key

Myofacial release – massage and foam rolling – prior to exercising, allows the muscle to breath and feed better. This enhances stamina by up to 10%! How does it do this? Well it aids in lymph drainage and improves circulation through the muscle, making it more efficient. It also improves efficiency of the body, in removing the bi-products of exercise such as lactic acid. Massage has been around since before the Greek Empire – foam rolling is just unassisted massage.


Image credit: Giphy

4. Stretch it out

Static stretching is essential prior to exercise because it warns you if a muscle is tight and therefore more susceptible to injury often in the form of a pulled muscle. Make sure you stretch before and after any exercise you do to prevent this happening and to aid recovery. Each stretch should be for a minimum of ten seconds.

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