Get groomed fast: Your ultimate guide to looking slick

Nailing the groomed but I-haven’t-tried-at-all look is tough. Who wants a bathroom cabinet full of products you CBA to use?

That’s where we come in. Say hello to the new hard-working products that are going to get you looking your best, zero effort required. Here is your ultimate guide to looking super slick. Your Tinder notifications will be blowing up your phone in no time.

1. Get unruly hair under control

Want your hair to just do what you want? You need L’Oreal Professionnel Techni Art Liss Control in your life. This is particularly good if you have longer hair. Give it a whirl!

L'Oreal - Image Credit: Sarah-Louise Burns

L’Oreal – Image Credit: Sarah-Louise Burns

2. So you think you don’t need to moisturise?

Well, to cut a long story short, you do. This Anti-fatigue Day Cream from Elemis is the ideal manly moisturiser. It will leave your skin looking refreshed – what more could you want?

Elemis - Image Credit: Sarah-Louise Burns

Elemis – Image Credit: Sarah-Louise Burns

3. Introducing into your life…a face serum

A serum (if you don’t already know) sits underneath a moisturiser to give your skin an added boost. This Acqua di Parma Revitalizing Face Serum is the best of the best. It’s non-greasy (because who really wants a greasy face?) and it works wonders on tired, dull complexions. It’s a little pricey but soooooo worth it when your girlfriend/Tinder date/hot colleague notices how on point your skin is looking.

Acqua di Parma - Image Credit: Sarah-Louise Burns

Acqua di Parma – Image Credit: Sarah-Louise Burns

4. The cheat’s way of cleansing

Cleansing, aka cleaning the skin, is time-consuming. I spend ages each evening doing a double cleanse, so I know it’s quite a faff *understatement*. Instead use one of these super speedy wipes. Simple.

Skyn Iceland - Image Credit: Sarah-Louise Burns

Skyn Iceland – Image Credit: Sarah-Louise Burns

5. Combat dark circles and unruly brows

This Mineralixirs Eye Nourishing Oil Balm from Bare Minerals is a must-have for keeping your eye area looking it’s best. Makeup artist Ally Willars of Bare Minerals says that this can also be used for keeping unruly brows looking groomed AND for prepping dry lips. This may just be your new go to…

Bare Minerals - Image Credit: Sarah-Louise Burns

Bare Minerals – Image Credit: Sarah-Louise Burns

6. Smell incredible

Choosing an appropriate fragrance for yourself can be a minefield. You don’t want to smell like your school locker room doused in whatever strong 90s after shave was de rigueur back then. Welcome a new sophisticated scent – Yardley London’s 1770. According the the perfumer, Jean Charles Mignon, “daring to break convention, whilst maintaining a classic edge” was what inspired 1770. That sounds pretty suave right?

Yardley - Image Credit: Sarah-Louise Burns

Yardley London – Image Credit: Sarah-Louise Burns

7. You wouldn’t catch David Gandy with dark circles…

Long nights in the office, a few beers at the pub, a ‘just one more’ Netflix marathon – these can all equate to very tired, kind of gross looking eye areas. That’s where this Elemis Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel becomes your new best mate. It feels super cooling and refreshing and it will honestly leave you looking immediately more awake. Trust us.

Elemis - Image Credit: Sarah-Louise Burns

Elemis – Image Credit: Sarah-Louise Burns

Now what?