Get fit in 20 Lunch Breaks: Use your fitness app to push your relationship forward

Fitness activity trackers are an integral part of the work/fitness dynamic. They’re the best way to accurately judge your daily activeness without having to bring a notebook everywhere you go or feeling the shame of buying a goofy pedometer.

While most just use theirs to measure their daily step count, Martin Rolfe in West Sussex used his to fitness track to map the most significant eight mile run of his entire life. It would be the run that he used to ask his then-girlfriend to take his hand in marriage, Mashable reports.

Rolfe asked his partner, Fatma Turk, to upload the data from his tracker onto the computer thinking she would immediately spot what he’d done. Looking at the run route, Rolfe had ran to spell out the words, from eagle eye viewpoint, “Will you marry me” – Fatma just commented that it was a weird route to take (she did eventually understand and say yes!)

Speaking to the Mirror, Rolfe said: “I did get a few strange looks when I was running and up down people’s roads, but it was worth it”.

So next time you want to track your fitness, or want to propose to your significant other, think about how creative you can be. This style of proposal could take off so much as it’ll become the new ‘big question’ cliché like popping a ring in a champagne glass or spelling out the words in the clouds.