Get fit in 20 lunch breaks: Trampolines are the secret to perfecting your running technique

Shin splints, twisted ankles and achey knees have plagued the running community for far too long. These issues can easily be avoided with the right coaching. Most people like to blame their trainers but, in actuality, a good running technique is the solution to every problem.

According to trampoline mogul, James Winfield, investing in a mini-trampoline is the first step to perfecting your running technique. Speaking to The Guardian, Winfield speaks of the restorative powers of a rebound trampoline. He also, right off the bat, assures you that you cannot use a kids mini-trampoline as a substitute (we were all thinking it).

“When you run, there is a lot of force being applied to the joints, especially the lower extremities. If an individual is not strong enough, they are more susceptible to suffer from foot, ankle, knees and hip joint and soft tissue injuries”, Winfield explains.

He goes on to say that that a rebound trampoline promotes great cardio and balance training but can be used to mimic running patterns. By using the rebounder you can attain a great posture which, surprisingly, should be the number one priority for long-distance runners.

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Using a mini-trampoline for running helps you build the abdominal strength and spine support to combat gravity deal with the impact force of every step. It’s weird to think that gravity is your greatest enemy mid-run.

James also recommends using the trampoline training for anyone who stopped running because of injuries. “Post-injury rebounding” as he calls it, is the best way to get back into running because it simulates the physical exertion without stressful impact. Give it a go and let us know how you get on!