Get fit in 20 lunch breaks: This fitness program that combines helping homeless dogs with long-distance running

Not exercising is an easy thing to do because the only person to be help accountable is you. You are also the only person who can be let down when you bail (unless you have a gym buddy). Well, we hope you like disappointing homeless dogs because this work-out program also doubles as an aid for the unloved dogs of Australia.

Jason Seibart is an Australian who has spent over a decade of his life working with animals in need of care and who are sheltered. Fitness Magazine reports that the charitable New South Wales resident has launched a brand new brand of “canine-inspired sweat sessions” – a type of fitness program that totally sounds like you’ll have to run around on all fours and chase balls into ditches.

In fact, the program came about as Seibart found the correlation between the “diminishing number of humans [exercising] and growing number of desperate dogs, especially some bigger more energetic breeds. The dogs need to get out and run, humans need to move”.

The program is titled Rescue Your Fitness and is namely about finding homes for these abandoned dogs then it is about providing pet therapy to unfit humans. However, as a part of the home-finding process for these dogs, Seibart is using the animals to get people moving in ‘pack runs’.

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Unfortunately the program isn’t as simple as popping down your local shelter, picking out a dog and running wherever you want with it. Many of these beautiful dogs have had cruel upbringings and find it hard to trust strangers and the outside world.

What Seibart is doing here is giving people a chance to bond with the animals that need them through the miracle of exercises. If you want to donate or support the cause, be sure to swing by Jason’s website!