Get fit (and healthy) in 20 lunch breaks: Celebrate UK Pie Week the healthy way

Happy UK Pie Week everybody! There’s no saints or myths involved, it’s just as good a week as any to celebrate pie and everything it’s ever done for us and our bellies.

There’s no specific way to celebrate since this week isn’t classed as a national holiday which brings to question why the Queen gets two birthdays but we can’t take a week off work to perfect our pastry stylings. It just doesn’t seem right to me.

Anyway, to celebrate this glorious occasion, we thought that’d give you five tips to make your homemade pies as tasty but a wee bit healthier thanks to Greatist. If you’ve never given pie marking a go, this is your chance!

Image credit: Instagram - @FoodpostsbyPaula

Image credit: Instagram – @FoodpostsbyPaula

1. Make your own crust

DIY pastry is only a hassle because you can so easily buy ready-to-go pastry from any supermarket. If you had no other option, you would totally make your own. Flour, salt, fat, sugar and water is all it takes and you get to skip out on all the nasty preservatives and make a pie you can truly call your own.

2. Nut substitute

I don’t know if this is common knowledge but I was floored that you can replace flour in pretty much everything with ground up pecans or almonds. Since nuts have natural fat, there’s no need to go OTT with the butter. You’ll also get a healthy dose of vitamin E (the ‘e’ stands for excellent)

3. Tactical sweetening

A heap of sugar can turn your healthy pie into an artery blockade. The easiest way to sweeten your pie without dowsing it in saturates is by using sweet fruits like strawberries or throwing in a bit of lemon/orange zest. Super simple solutions that your body will thank you for.

4. Lattice is the future of pie

The top crust is overrated and packs your pie with more fat than necessary. Opt for a lattice top to let your filling shine, improve your pastry skills and save your guests from feeling bloated.

5. Sour cream and yoghurt

Strap in because I’m about to shatter everything you know as truth. It turns out you can use sour cream or yoghurt as a butter substitute in pie crusts. It actually makes your pastry creamier and flakier – who would have guessed?!