Get fit in 20 Lunch breaks: 5 ways to overcome ‘Gym Shyness’

We all know the feeling of getting stage-fright, whether you’re a guy or girl, when entering the gym. For you, it’s a place to work-out, destress and shift that Christmas weight. For the surrounding beefcakes, it’s their temple, their home – you don’t want to do anything to dirty their sacred space.

So you suffer from ‘gym shyness’, you cower away from using the machines that look too complicated and heavy and stick to cardio. I know this because I have only just got over ‘gym shyness’ and that took seven months of having a membership.

Remember that it’s normal to feel anxious in such a high-intensity area. Here are five things you can do to make yourself feel better and overcome ‘gym shyness’.

1. Get an ‘acountabilibuddy’

It’s easy disappointing yourself but if someone else is relying on you to work out – then you better be sure as hell you’ve got a great excuse not to pump that iron. Find someone who has similar confidence issues as you and team-up, there’s strength in numbers.

2. Go in with game-plan

If you have a workout routine mapped out in your head you’ll cut down the amount of time you spend wandering around the weight machines like a lost kid in a supermarket. Have precise goals and don’t let anyone get in the way of you achieving them.

3. Realise that no one cares about you

In the eyes of your mum, you’re a special little snowflake but in the gym, you’re just like everybody else. Unless you’re literally Arnold Schwarzenegger late-70s big, no one is going to be looking at you.

4. Make use of PTs

If your gym is moderately big, they will most likely have PTs at hand you can either hire for a session or available for free advice. If you’re anxious about using the machines wrong, make use of their presence. Knowing is half the battle when it comes to using weight machines.

5. Take pride in the fact that you’re making an effort

Be proud of yourself for trying to better your body – not everyone is doing it. You should never feel like you don’t belong in the gym, it’s literally open for all people of all sizes and ages. Just because you’re not in there for four hours a day doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to enjoy it!