Get fit in 20: 6 great men’s fitness blogs to follow for fitspiration

As our March wellness month is just tipping over it’s halfway point, let’s all have ourselves a nice, relaxing and well-earned rest day. Clear out your gym bags, wash those gross shorts and have a night in. But just because you’re not exercising, it doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about fitness.

The internet is a cavalcade of fitspiration for runners, lifters and gym enthusiasts of all skill levels. Whether it’s your first day of trying to get in shape or a work-out professional that’s always on the look for the next best way to find perfect form.

Twitter, Instagram and the wider blog community are rife in writers and trainers giving away buckets of fitspiration for free. All you have to do is get out there and look for them.

This one is not just for the Gents since Fitbottomedgirls have compiled a fantastic list of men’s fitness blogs that you should all check out.

1. Fit Men Cook

Hail to the chef! This great site has all the ingredients of a healthy lifestyle with both an array of cool meal ideas and recipes.

2. Sean Vigue Fitness

A great way for dudes out there who are a bit scared but also interested in getting into yoga in their private time. This is internet, no one will judge you here – not that you should feel judged!

3. Make Your Body Work

Ran by Canada’s Top Personal Trainer so if it’s good enough for Drake, these fitness tips and exercises are plenty good for you. (Drake does not endorse this blog, he is just Canadian).

4. Thug Kitchen

Keeping things real all up in the kitchen, Thug Kitchen lays down some delicious recipes with a pinch of expletives and a fistful of laughs.

5. Nerd Fitness

“Want to drop a few pounds, but want entertaining and real advice that works? Nerd Fitness would be it.”

6. Greatist

Your one stop shop for everything men’s fitness and beyond. Their philosophy is one of health and happiness, just like ours.