Why You Shouldn’t Care That All Your Friends Are Getting Married…

Back in the days of old, you would hear about weddings through word-of-mouth. The news didn’t travel nearly as immediately as it does now. Brides-to-be dominate your social media timelines posting ring finger shots on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and, in the rarest cases, Myspace (they like to cover all bases!)

If you’re currently single or waiting for a question to be popped, hearing this news shakes up a weird emotional cocktail inside. Imagine a base spirit of happiness with a twist of resentment – it’s subtle but you can really feel it.


Looks like a lot of hassle to us…

For those currently engaged or married, this one isn’t for you. This is dedicated to all the out-of-wedlockers feeling like you’re missing the wedding train. This is why you shouldn’t care that all your friends are getting married…

First off, push that resentment down. There are some situations where you need to open up your feeling boxes and let the passive-aggression out – this isn’t one of those times.

Don’t feel bad for resenting but at the same time, think about all the free fun you’re going to have in the run-up to the actual wedding. This doesn’t apply if you deserved a bridesmaid spot and was snubbed… in which case you have our permission to resent away – you probably have a few more friends in same position as you…

If you’re not already on board, here’s the kicker. The average wedding costs £20,500 in the UK. Let that sink in. Fair enough it’s the ‘most important day of your life’ but c’mon… you could do a year-long, around the world trip with that money or put a deposit down on a house!

Okay, you’ve still got the wedding-bug. How’s this for an approach? You’ve still got plenty of time.

The average age of a first marriage is just over 32 (that’s for men and women). People are getting married later, year on year. It might have something to do with divorce rates or house prices but the point is: don’t worry, your time will come.

Or it won’t and you’ll spend your life travelling the world, meeting exciting people and drinking consequence free at wedding receptions for the rest of your life. Now that’s a real commitment.