#FridayFeeling – 5 ways to prepare yourself for a big night out

Happy Friday everyone! It’s the best time of the week since this evening marks the most amount of free time you’ll have until you have to go to work again, hooray! It’s time to send some feeler texts and prepare for your big night out.

You deserve a great time out, you work hard enough to be owed one great night a week. And although spontaneity usually makes a night out, here are five things your can do prepare yourself for the best Friday night out of 2016 (so far).

1. Line your stomach

Endurance is everything when it comes to partying hard. Nobody appreciates the person who peaks at pre-drinks because, although they’re the first to get a real buzz, they’ll eventually transform into the killjoy liability. Have a decent dinner if you plan to go hard with the bevs, your body and friends will thank you.

2. Clear your schedule for the next day

Hungover Saturdays can be a nightmare if you have stuff to do. If you’re planning a big, big night out this Friday – rearrange all your plans for tomorrow for next weekend or maybe later in the day. Hungover you is no fun and you’ll end up angry at yourself.

3. Change your sheets

There’s very little better than collapsing into your bed after a long night out – especially if you’ve just changed the sheets. Still cool from the dryer, the freshness of your linens will help you forget that you ate your own weight in chicken nuggets and mini-sicked in your mouth on the cab ride home.

4. Have a contingency plan

The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry, especially since we are the unreliable generation. Our hyper-connectiveness has made as lazy and ineffectual. Make sure that you have a back-up plan in the event that your crew bail, that way you can still have a great night instead of sitting alone half-watching Graham Norton, half-refreshing Instagram every three seconds.

5. Spam an open invite

Following on from that, spam your friends and try to get as many people out as you possibly can. The people make the night and no time out has ever been spoiled because too many of your closest friends turned up at the same bar.