Five Ways Getting A Sleep Schedule Back After A *Really* Late Night

Let’s say you’ve got tickets to whatever big club night that isn’t sponsoring us this week. You’re meeting up with the crew at 9pm, drinking, ordering a cab, getting in the cab, queuing for the club and then doing club things. You will be leaving said club at around 3am – expected bedtime: 5am.

Or maybe you were just deep in a binge-watching session? We’re not going to judge your lifestyle.

Now I’m no sleep expert but I do know that going to bed at dawn is how you begin an awful nocturnal cycle and makes going to work a few days later a living nightmare.


Here’s how to have your cake and eat it by getting in at dawn and still feeling fine for the rest of the weekend.

1. The pre snooze

Most clubs don’t actually get going until about midnight so you’ve got a good while of waiting before you need to be at pre-drinks. Get home from work and immediately get an hour of shut-eye. Refer to our napping guide for further instruction. Allow 20 minutes for your brain to wake up before you do anything.

2. Stock up

The great thing about being a dedicated to a night out (or Netflix) is that you don’t need that many extra hours to catch up on sleep. However, it will help your cause if you add a few extra hours to your sleep schedule in the days leading up to your session – whatever you’re into.

3. Avoid substances

We’re not your parents but we’re not judging either. However, recreational substances can seriously effect the quality of your sleep. You could also be prone to petrifying dreams.


4. Get to sleep before 4am

Maximum sleepiness occurs when your biological clock temperature is at its lowest – around four in the morning. Try and fall asleep before this time and the impact won’t be so devastating.

5. The four hour rule

You can help keep your sleep schedule tuned with ‘anchor sleep’. Aim to have four hours sleep at the same time every night. So as long as 3-7, for example, is sleepy time – the results of getting in at 2am won’t be so devastating.