Five Reasons Friday Nights Are The Perfect Time To Hit The Gym

Instead of out nights and in nights, we’re going to be talking about gym nights. That’s right, we’re advising you to use your cherished friday night to hit the gym and get your sweat on. Absolute madness, you cry. But we say, stop, think about it.

Going to the gym has a multitude of benefits but even more so within the context of the average friday night. Here are five reasons friday nights are the perfect time to hit the gym.


1. It’s practically empty

Who exactly, bar you, is crazy enough to spend their friday nights in the gym? That’s the point. The amount of being enjoying pre-drinks while you’re warming up means you’ll pretty much get the whole place to yourself. Unlimited use of all the machines at your own leisure.

2. Saturday mornings are your domain

Exercise will make you sleep amazingly and give you a healthy appetite. If you session hard and get an early night, wake up early Saturday Morning sans hangover and truly make the most of your weekend.

3. It’s a great excuse to avoid a terrible night

Been invited to a terrible night-out from a co-worker that you reluctantly said ‘maybe’ to? Throw the personal trainer or spinning class excuse in the mix. It will seem as if you take exercise very seriously and hopefully it’ll stop them inviting you to terrible events moving forward.


4. You can always go out afterwards

Who said that you have to spend all night at the gym? Why not cop a shower really quickly and head to wherever you need to be feeling pumped and refreshed. You’ll be the life of the party!

5. Allow yourself an exercise free weekend

Working out on a Friday means you can enjoy the weekend and all it’s calorific and lethargic givings without the feeling of guilt. At the end of the day, that’s all anybody really wants.