Friday Feeling: 4 ways to keep yourself occupied in the club or bars queue

Thank goodness it’s Friday! When the clock strikes 4:30 (let’s be honest here) the euphoric TGIF moment becomes reality. What this moment represents is the maximum amount of free time you’ll have until you have to start thinking about work again. Spread over the course of a couple of hours, this moment evolves into what we call the ‘Friday Feeling’!

And that’s something worth celebrating, we think. So, as per usual, many of you will be throwing on your glad-rags (boys and girls) and hitting the town for some hazy catharsis featuring liquids that make your tummy burn and that Rihanna track that goes ‘work, wuruk, worc, wurgh, eughrh, erhggh’.

The only hitch that comes with such an expedition is that everybody else had a similar idea and had the audacity to go to the same club/bar/venue as you and thus, there will be a queue.

You’re going to be spending a bit of your Friday Feeling keeping yourself entertained in a queue – take these four methods for a whirl.

1. Old-school car games

Literally road-tested, you can’t fault an exhilarating round of I-Spy for passing the time. You’ll get everyone around you either jealous because they want to be part of guessing fun or annoyed of your voices (but secretly they’re jealous and want to play).

2. Create a backstory for fellow queuers

Obviously don’t start waxing poetic about anyone within earshot, but it takes all-sorts to queue at some of these venues. It’s not like you’re actually going to speak to these people so it’s always fun weaving an elaborate origin story for someone who probably had a really mundane upbringing.

3. Music is the language of the soul

Don’t start singing top 40 tracks because it’s tacky and everybody will hate you. Get creative with your pals and make yourself a cypher. (A cypher is a circle of people that participate in freestyle rap). Find someone who can hold a decent beatbox rhythm and get everyone involved for an impromptu freestyle contest.

4. Talk to the people around you

Make some friends before you even get through the door. A lot of people meet this way, you might meet your husband or wife. But more likely, you’ll meet someone, be fast friends and never speak to each other ever again. Hooray! Fridays!