Free for Friday: 5 free things to make your weekend great

Another weekend is upon us, but payday has been and gone and there isn’t another one in sight for a few weeks now… But don’t let that spoil your freedom!

We’ve got 5 free things to make the most of your weekend, so that you’re not sat alone on Saturday night watching X Factor and eating that lone half an avocado you had left in your fridge.

1. Watch a movie on YouTube

Paramount have created their own YouTube channel, which means you’ve now got access to a load of their greatest hits, all for free! Invite some friends over and have a movie night without spending a penny.

2. Watch the Rugby

Sheldon Square in Paddington is currently home to a large outdoor screen that has been broadcasting all of the biggest sporting events over the last few months. Grab some friends and head down to enjoy the rugby this weekend.

3. Poetry in the City

If National Poetry Day yesterday wasn’t enough, check out Poetry in the City. There’s a pop-up event at Kings Place on tonight, featuring Luke Wright (that rhymed and I didn’t even intend it to. Poetry. Is. Everywhere).

4. Get arty

Even if you can’t afford a trip to the pub this weekend, check out the Photographic Guide to the Pubs of East London. The exhibit, taking place in Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, showcases some great shots in and around pubs of East London. It’s totally free and worth a visit.

5. NME

The new issue of the free NME is out today and it features our beauty crush Taylor Swift. Get her take on the Nicki Minaj controversy, as well as much more. Perfect reading over your Saturday brunch.


Image Credit: NME

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