Free for Friday: 5 free things to make your weekend great

Another weekend is upon us, but payday has been and gone. And there isn’t another one in sight for a few weeks now… But don’t let that spoil your freedom!

It is Friday and we are pumped, so let’s get planning how we can make the most of this glorious freedom. But if you, like us, aren’t keen on breaking the bank this weekend, then never fear, because we’ve got some fab free alternatives.

1. Take a break

Get into mindfulness this weekend by focusing on a few ways you can de-stress after a hectic week. This can be meditation, a spot of colouring in, or perusing the net for some of the amazing courses that are available, both online and otherwise, that can help you focus your attention.


Part of Google’s Made With Code initiative, the documentary CODEGIRL follows girls from 60 different countries as they take part in a coding initiative. It’s online for free until November 6 (tonight) so make sure you give it a watch before it goes into cinemas.

3. Get fit

Right now we are loving Fitness Blender and the huge variety of videos they offer up. No matter what your level of fitness (personally I rate mine ‘abysmal’), there is something on there for you, so if you’re feeling the need to get a bit healthier, this is a great place to start.

4. Grab a bite

Urban Food Fest is on in a Shoreditch carpark from this weekend until mid-December. Entry is free so head on down to see what’s on offer while the weather is still good. Technically the food isn’t free, you’ve got us there, but the atmosphere won’t cost you a penny…!

5. Grab NME

Pick up a copy of this week’s NME. Of course! Find out where you can get your free copy here.


Image Credit: NME

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