Free for Friday: 5 free things to make your weekend great

Another weekend is upon us, but payday has been and gone and there isn’t another one in sight for a few weeks now… But don’t let that spoil your freedom!

It’s Friday, so we’ve got 5 free things to make the most of your weekend, so that you’re not sat alone on Saturday night watching X Factor and eating that lone half an avocado you had left in your fridge.

1. Learn to code

We are all about learning new skills, and one we’re loving at the moment is coding. Get ahead with this invaluable skill by using one of the many free online courses like Code Academy or Lrn.

2. Channel Chanel

The Saatchi Gallery is currently playing host to a new exhibit about the life and times of Coco Chanel. Charting the evolution of the label from Coco to Karl, Mademoiselle Privé takes you inside the design house and the minds of these two great designers. Best of all, it’s totally free!

3. Head to the market

The Wick is a great market in Hackney Wick that has free entry until 6pm. Don’t worry if you don’t want to spend a penny, because they’ve got DJs and live music to keep you entertained even if you can’t purchase anything from the food or fashion stalls.

4. Be in it to win it

You might not be able to afford a weekend getaway, but there are plenty of competitions that you could enter to get one for free! SheerLuxe is offering a trip to Macau for two, so get yourselves registered and enter to escape the cold for a while longer.

5. Get mindful

Take some time this weekend to relax. And we mean really relax. Check out Mrs Mindfulness on YouTube for your go-to guide to mindfulness: what it is, why you need it, and how to achieve it. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon to wind down from a hectic week, or to prepare you for the week ahead.

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