Find out how easily distracted YOU are with The Stroop Test

‘In a world where procrastination has reach an all-time high, the UK crawls out of crippling financial valley. Only time will tell if the new easily-distracted work force will be people keep the economy above water for long.’

As well as being maybe the worst screenplay pitch of all time, the procrastination epidemic is real. Bustle thought something had to be done, and turned to Science of Us for the answers about how distracted the people of 2016 are.

Introducing the The Stroop Colour and Word test. This is where the theory comes that the human attention span is a minuscule 12 seconds. The likelihood is that you’ve seen some version of this test before in which “you’re presented with a word that describes a colour, but the word is printed in a different colour than the one it spells out”.

For example the word ‘blue’ might show up and might be written in yellow. It’s not particularly revolutionary but it serves the purpose of testing your brain’s ability to determine between irrelevant and relevant information.

The Stroop Test - Credit: Bustle

The Stroop Test – Credit: Bustle

The game (or test, sorry Stroop), which you can play here, also shows how quickly you respond to matched pairs vs unmatched pairs of words and colours. It then pits your average against the rest of the world so you can empirically see how much of a simpleton you really are – science is fun.

In daily practice, your ability to block out distractions could save your life when crossing the road or, more realistically, prevent you from opening a Youtube link on Facebook just because the neon thumbnail caught your eye.

What now?