Overwhelmed? Here are 6 ways to get your positivity back

We live in a very fast-paced world. Between work commitments, being online 24/7 and social exhaustion due to FOMO, feeling overwhelmed is perfectly normal.

To get your mojo back, here are six things you can do this weekend that will leave you feeling refreshed. You’ll be ready to look Monday in the eye with some positivity, and really mean that #MondayMotivation Instagram post.

1. Get organised

It’s the weekend and you’re ready to collapse on the sofa and have a Netflix binge until Monday. As amazing as that sounds, try to make some plans for the rest of your precious time off. This will let you recharge your batteries and get rid of that unwanted lethargic feeling. Plus, how else will you perfect that off-duty but flawless weekend style?

2. Try meditating

If you aren’t in the habit of taking a few minutes to yourself each day, start this weekend. Just five minutes of your time can make you feel more relaxed, focused and get rid of a week’s worth of stress. Try Calm or Headspace to get started and then stick to it during the week. Get ready to meet your zen-est self.

3. Meet friends

What would life be without those wonderful, albeit sometimes annoying, people we call our friends? Plan a fun night in with some girly chick flicks or head out to a new bar for a few cocktails. Let your friends do what they do best – cheer you up!

4. Music

A study made by the University of Missouri shows that you can boost your mood just by listening to upbeat music. Take inspiration from Kylie Jenner’s little dance party with sister Khloé, and get moving around the house to your favourite tunes.

5. Exercise

Get those endorphins pumping! Staying active boosts your mood and helps release nervous tension, while also enhancing your ability to cope with stress. Even just a 15min jog is enough to get your sparkle back, and no, we don’t mean sweat.

6. Make a plan

Before you start an exciting new week, take a moment to assess where you are in life and where you want to go. Make a mood board of goals you want to accomplish, places you want to visit and new things you want to try. Reminding yourself how much fun life can be, and what exciting things lie ahead, is sure to make you greet Monday morning with a big smile.

Now what?