Friday Feeling: 6 reasons you shouldn’t feel bad for not liking parties! ?

Thank goodness it’s Friday! When the clock strikes 4:30 (let’s be honest here) the euphoric TGIF moment becomes reality. What this moment represents is the maximum amount of free time you’ll have until you have to start thinking about work again. Last week we were all up for happy hours, today is for the introverts that feel bad about missing parties.

But you 100% shouldn’t. In a world as vast, connected and informed as our’s, you should never have to settle for a Friday night experience that you’re only attending  because social convention (or your friends) said that you’d love it. Why have we arrived in a time where standing around in strangers’ flats holding drinks is the primary activity.

Some just don’t like parties, and that’s okay, don’t get stressed about it. Here are six reasons it’s totally fine to prefer other Friday activities.

1. One missed night doesn’t make you a hermit

Don’t feel as if missing one night out makes you a recluse. Sure, there are some nights that you’d definitely regret missing out on but those come once in a blue moon. You aren’t a loner because you occasionally prefer your own company.

2. You prefer more low-key activities

Personally, I would pick going to the cinema with a friend over a night out in a club every day of the week. I don’t feel the need to justify that to anyone and neither should you. If you feel the same way, hit me up, we can get a two for one deal!

3. You might not like drinking

Some people are absolutely mad for drinking, regardless of the hangovers. The sad truth is that you don’t become more fun to be around when you’re drinking, you just perceive it that way. If you’re around judgey people, say you’re on a health kick or antibiotics.

4. Parties can sometimes feel like exams

The worst vibe is a party where everyone feels like they have to prove something. Whether they’re looking for a hook-up, trying to be funny or desperately attempting to prove they’re the best at beer pong. You don’t need that atmosphere in your life.

5. Quiet parties are way too intense

Everyone sitting around, making small talk sipping their drink. If you apprehensive about these situations, turn up really late and then leave really early! You only need to show your face and then bounce out of there!