Brace Yourself… Facebook Is Stealing Snapchat’s *Best* Feature

We should have seen this coming when Instagram stole the Snapchat story and made it the absolute worst. Social media platforms are all competing to be the best but they all have different purposes, so listen up Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram – cut it out! If you can’t all get along, we’ll turn this rapidly developing, interconnected digital world around…

But apparently, no matter how much we tell these companies we don’t like change, they’re not going to listen. Case and point, Facebook are adopting Snapchat’s face filters.

Since the filters launched, people of all ages have been enjoying the goofiness of face-swapping and attaching assorted animations onto their faces. It was fun and pure and now Facebook wants a slice of the action.


Maybe we’re being too cynical but how many of you are sick of Facebook trying to turn themselves into everything but Facebook? To celebrate the Olympics in Brazil and Canada, Facebook has introduced face filters for those countries.

But don’t get too excited or mad, these specific filters are only around until the Olympics finish but, who you kidding, Facebook, they’ll be back soon enough with a vengeance.


Facebook have announced that there will be tweaks to the filters before they’re let loose on the rest of the world. Facebook spoke to USA Today about the direction they’re taking their app. They want to make the camera that centrepiece of the social network… like Snapchat and Instagram, then?

The main issue is how Facebook are going to bring filters in and make us excited about them. Snapchat have done such a fun job but most people are getting bored of *those* filters already!

The Facebook product manager, Sachin Monga, said of this new project: “We are going to learn. That’s our main objective.” Sorry to say it but the only thing you’re going to learn is how much people prefer snapchat… oh burn.