Facebook for non-profits is the platform that’s changing 2016 for the better

Facebook, as an entity, has been transformed by it’s users to be the home of contained vanity and procrastination. However, from last year, Facebook has started to use their network for the powers of good with their Facebook For Non-Profits brand.

As a part of their Social Good initiative, Facebook have reinvigorated the way that fundraisers and non-profits can communicate with their supporters and rally more interest in the good they’re trying to make in the world.

And it totally makes sense. With media like TV and newspaper coverage becoming less influential, if Facebook want to contribute to making the world a better place to be – the least they can do is utilise their global network to get more people interested in positive action than they are in Michelle’s Ibiza photos.

The physical changes on the front-end of the site consist of more prominent donate buttons below non-profits’ profile pictures. However, Mashable make the point, that as Facebook makes donating easier – there’s an increased pressure on non-profits to make sure their supporters can see where their money is going. This is why it’s crucial for fundraiser heads to make full-use of the Facebook’s resources and analytics.

But you’re thinking: “What’s the catch here? What’s in it for Zuckerberg and his cronies?” Firstly, I’d encourage you to be less cynical (especially as you’re reading about non-profits) and secondly, there is no catch right now.

The Facebook For Non-Profits system does what it says on the tin. As long as you’re a certified fundraising organisation, the system is free as long as you don’t make a profit. This is subject to change with a small fee the company might integrate this year.

This will pump the brakes on the rare corruption within the charity section and encourage more non-profits to make use of this invaluable resource, hooray!