Explore nature from your phone with these 8 stunning Instagram accounts

As hundreds of Facebook posts from your mates who work in recruitment will tell you: “travel is the only thing you spend money on that makes you richer”. Take what you will from the philosophical merit, but this cliché does highlight a more credible point – we’d all love to travel more.

Fortunately we live in the connected age. Mind-blowing Pakistani landscapes are as accessible as a picture of the last surviving White Rhino.

Our phones can transport us to every corner of the globe. Here are 8 amazing Instagram accounts for every nature lover.

1. National Geographic

A vast collection of amazing shots from National Geographic’s impressive roster of nature and travel photographers. A mix of general nature shots and more story-based photography.

Credit: Instagram - @NatGeo

Credit: Instagram – @NatGeo

2. Ocean Conservancy

Specifically marine wildlife photography, Ocean Conservancy will open your mind to how insanely varied and large the ocean ecosystems can be.


Credit: Instagram – @Oceanconservancy

3. Sander Van Den Berg

Part-time music photographer, part-time nature photographer – Sander Van Den Berg captures the intimate and silent moments of organic life with his lens.


Credit: Instagram – @sandervdberg

4. National Wildlife Federation

A beautiful and heart-breaking reminder of the importance of animal conservation. The sheer amount of wonderful creatures in danger will jumpstart your passion for fighting exploitation.

Credit: Instagram - @nationalwildlife

Credit: Instagram – @nationalwildlife

5. US Fish and Wildlife Federation

Dedicated to the conservation of all animals, environments and plants – the USFWS are doing some truly excellent work. Do your part to spread awareness by simply following them and sharing their good word.

Credit: Instagram - @usfws

Credit: Instagram – @usfws

6. Joel Sartore

The mind behind the Photo Ark project which aims to photograph and document as many potentially endangered species before they disappear. Absolutely breathtaking wildlife portraits to check out.

Credit: Instagram - @JoelSatore

Credit: Instagram – @JoelSatore

7. Oliver Vegas

A jack of all trades (in the realm of photography). Ollie Vegas captures serenity even when the rest of the world is in chaos; featuring landscapes bathed in natural light and unreal vistas.


Credit: Instagram – @Ovunno

8. ClaireOnline

A dutch photography who captures the images we could only describe from our dreams. ClaireOnline transmits images of what we’d consider mundane and filters them through the perspective of someone mystical.


Credit: Instagram – @ClaireOnline

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