Ever wanted to build with lego for a living? You’re in luck – Legoland are hiring

Sound the dream job klaxon because Legoland are hiring. Up until this point you might have considered the ultimate job as being an ice-cream taster or maybe a manager position at a sleep clinic but we’re here to tell you that the correct answer is actually to be a model builder at Legoland.

Who among us isn’t qualified to do this job? For many, the crowning achievements of our work in the block world are still displayed proudly on our bedroom window-sills. If you think you’ve got what it takes to craft magnum opuses of miniature proportions, it might be worth sticking in an application.

Last week, Legoland Florida opened it’s new and “secret” Lego factory, hiring 50 model builders and designers and are on the hunt for 20 more, reports Quartz.

Here’s the real, genuine job description: “This individual builds LEGO models in our off-site Model Shop- MMM Studios. Must have LEGO building experience and be able to design and build sturdy, accurate, complicated, safe and installable LEGO models for a wide variety of LEGOLAND attractions including miniature scale models and/or life sized organic models from prototypes, diagrams or computer generated instructions.”

“This position requires strong communication during design and building of models, good organisation during the completion and documentation phases of the projects and a willingness to complete all tasks necessary to creating and installing models and displays.”

This is just an over-complicated way of saying: “Build Lego to look like famous buildings- no missile launchers and no Stormtroopers”.

However, the hiring process isn’t as easy as posting Lego HQ a photo of your miniature scale Hogwarts you made back in 2003. The preliminary tests put your building abilities to the grindstone with timed builds, freestyle builds and multiple interviews. Past builders have been from all sorts of backgrounds including teachers and engineers, why couldn’t it be you?

What now?