6 ways to end your smartphone obsession

If you can’t go five minutes without checking your Facebook, tweeting your thoughts to the inter-web or smashing a few sweets on Candy Crush, then you may have a problem. You have a smartphone obsession. We still love you, we just want to address your issues and move on with your life.

Don’t feel alone though, we see hundred of cases of this digital malady every day of the week, and it’s perfectly treatable. You just need to pay attention to us and take our 100% legitimate advice. We’re almost doctors – at least close enough to treat a smartphone obsession.

Check out this list of five ways to end your mobile addiction and watch your life transform. Honest!

1. Ditch background refresh

You know the culprit for your own inability to ignore the ping of your mobile friend? It’s this cheeky fella.

Background refresh is the reason all your social media apps update in the background, and the reason your phone lights up like a Christmas tree every five seconds.

Disable it in Settings and you’ll buy yourself a few hours of notification free bliss.

2. Let’s get ‘appy

Downloading a ‘Phone-checking app’ can go a long way to shocking you into giving the screen addiction a rest.

Checky is a great example of this, and it’s free. Give it a try. We reckon you’ll be unpleasantly surprised…

3. Time is runnin’ out

Why not set up a stopwatch timer on your phone and see how long you can go hands-free. If you’re really in too deep maybe set up an alarm at hour intervals. When the timer goes off you can spend a couple of minutes catching up on social media time. No longer!

4. Bed is for sleeping

So many of us slide into bed only to spend the next thirty minutes aimlessly surfing the web. But what if your phone didn’t live by your pillow?

That’s right, charge your handset away from sleep central (say, in the living room) and make bedtime really mean bedtime. It’s not as if anything important happens after 10pm anyway, right?

5. Settle down to Airplane mode

This is one specifically for iPhone users (as we know you’re the worst culprits). Use Airplane mode in Settings to make yourself completely unreachable.

Get focused on the task at hand without any distractions by cutting yourself off from the rest of the world.

It takes a little self restraint, but from personal experience, you often forget you’ve done it anyway, which is even better!

6. Exercise some willpower

You’re strong and we believe in you. Take the occasional digital detox and you’ll realise how little you actually you need your phone. You’re better than your smartphone obsession!