Ellie Goulding’s new workout playlist is perfect for all your fitness needs

Ever wondered how the rich and famous stay in such perfect physical shape? Ever wondered how singer Ellie Goulding does it in particular? Us too, what a coincidence! 

Lucky then that we have the answer. She has a kick-ass running playlist to keep her motivated on the treadmill, that’s how.

The ‘Your Song’ superstar has teamed up with music streaming platform Spotify to create the ultimate fitness soundtrack, a selection of remixes called Escape, so you too can get in on the Goulding workout craze.

“Health is something I’m very passionate about, with music playing a big part in my personal fitness regime,” Goulding told Spotify.

“That’s why it was such an exciting challenge to create a mix of my own songs – old and new – that could become a part of other people’s regimes.”

It’s not just a simple music mashup either. The tracks were made with Spotify Running, and so syncs perfectly with your running pace by using your phone’s sensors to detect your speed and selecting tracks that sync with your steps.

Head on over to Spotify to check out the playlist by clicking here.
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