eBay for the heartbroken: The break-up website you need to know

As someone (or many) wise once said, break-ups suck. What sucks even more is the period of unloading emotional and material baggage: The Purge. And what to do if you can’t ‘consciously uncouple’ like Gwyneth and still share a bowl of kale with your ex? 

Luckily, there’s a website that makes the whole process a lot easier. Never Liked It Anyway aims to make the break-up transition easier by giving you a space to shed your feelings and your unwanted goods.

The site, founded by 5 friends, creates a space and a community that welcomes you with open arms, to tell it, sell it and buy it. You can find engagement rings, wedding dresses, unwanted jewellery, abandoned hair products – any vague reminder of the love that was, all sold at a discounted break-up price.

Then, share your story. If you think family and friends are sick of the sight and sound of you in mourning, then this is perfect because you can share it with an impartial audience who will be experiencing or will have experienced the same sense of heartbreak. The blog section features editorial content to inspire and advise, and might give you fresh insight into the experience.

And when you’ve shared your story and read others that might make you feel a bit less alone, and made a bit of money in the process, you can feel ready to bounce back. The site offers a deck of cards with 50 daily challenges that will get you out of the Heartbreak Hotel and back on the road.

Surprisingly uplifting and often really funny, Never Liked It Anyway is a great place to find friends in unlikely places – all over the world. Even if you don’t want to share the intimate details of the demise of your love, you can still sell your goods, ensuring that rather than just ending up in the bin, they go to a new home.

Now what?