Why You Should *Definitely* Eat Cookies Before Working Out…

It’s National Fitness Day but if you ask me, getting fit is just as much about figuring out ways to cheat your biological system as it is putting in the hard work. We’ve got loads of stuff to look at if you’re interested in dedicating some honest effort into improving your body… the rest of you, keep reading.

Every day can be a cheat day if you know how to play the game… what if we told you that, under fitness instructor recommendation, that you should eat cookies just before and after you work out? You listening now?


The worst part about working out is definitely the bit before the actual working out. Knowing that in an hour you’re going to wish you never committed to exercising in the first place. However, apart from the obvious preparations (stretching etc), some fitness instructors are encouraging having a small and sweet treat just before your work-out.

SoulCycle instructor Charlee Atkins prescribes a cookie or muffin before working out. Not only will this be a sweet way to lower yourself into some gruelling exercise but will have huge benefits on your fitness.

Speaking to NY Mag: “One tip my sports nutritionist told me is to eat half a cookie or scone or cupcake half an hour before class. Because it’s such a simple sugar, it gets absorbed right away”


“My treat to myself is to have half a cookie an hour before class and it energizes me for the next 45 minutes or so of class.” However an important distinction should be made between eating half a scone or muffin just before the gym and eating a tube of cookies, waddling into a class and wondering what went wrong.

The idea is to eat the sweet treats 20 to 30 minutes before working out so you’ll get the quick sugar rush during your work-out, the hard bit is maintaining that energy level but that’s all up to you.