Five Ways To Keep Drinking Heavily And Still Stay In Shape

Maintaining a balance between a heavy drink habit and staying in shape can’t really be done, so they say. It becomes even harder the older you get.

Now, when we say ‘drink heavily’ we don’t mean ‘polish a bottle of wine off with dinner’, we mean ‘getting blitzed’. The kind of heavy drinking that finds you climbing into a skip at 3am, not giggling into bed at 11:30pm. We’re all (kinda) adults here, let’s be frank.

No judgements, it’s Friday after all. We know that you love all things fitness but sometimes 6/7 Jagerbombs slip through the cracks. Alcohol contains 7.1 calories per gram meaning that there are 180 calories in a pint of lager and 682 in a bottle of wine.

There has to be a way to maintain your heavy drinking habit and stay in relatively good shape.

1. Eat a meal of unlimited lean protein and greens

Lean protein, according to LifeHack, has a TEF of 20-30% which means that this proportion of calories is burned at the same rate as the body processes the food. How amazing is that?! Eating green vegetables also bumps your fibre levels meaning you won’t get the munchies as much.

2. Drink low carb alcohol

Beers and ciders are super fatty however spirits like vodka, gin and clear rum combined with a low calorie mixer. Dry white wines are also a great shout but harder to drink if you’re going from bar to bar.

3. Avoid eating out

It’s the very metro thing to do, eating out before a night out. Don’t do this. You’re wasting valuable pre-drink time by sitting down at a restaurant. Also, you have no idea what the calorie count is at these places.

4. Water between drinks

The method of drinking water between each drink is tested and true and yet under-utilised. Not only will this aid your metabolism but means you’ll drink less across the night.