Dream job alert: Leonardo DiCaprio’s assistant speaks out on working for the Oscar winner

Ever wanted to work with recent Oscar winner and certified dreamboat, Leonardo DiCaprio? Well you probably won’t be able to, sorry. Every guy wants to be him and every girl also wants to be with him – I mean, how could you not? He’s Leonardo DiCaprio. The Wolf of Wall Street himself, Jay Gatsby in the flesh.

And since most of us will probably never get the opportunity to work with or even meet the Hollywood icon, it’s always exciting to hear a testimonial from the DiCaprio inner circle.

Speaking to Huffington Post, a former assistant of Leonardo, Kasi Brown, spills the beans on what it was like working with Aviator-era DiCaprio (2005) as his personal assistant.

Kasi’s roles included all the normal personal assistant stuff but sometimes she’d get to do the weirder jobs that only come with working with actors. For example, when Leonardo was out of his trailer, Brown would hold a blocking device (namely an umbrella) over his head so the paps didn’t catch the actor pulling weird faces while he rehearsed.

In Brown’s own words, she said: “Leo and I always had fun on set. We love[d] to observe people and goof around playing characters, doing accents, whatever.” It’s so reassuring to know that actors are as decent people in real life.

“Sometimes, I would pretend that he was the stereotype of an entitled celebrity and when he would ask me to do something, I would bow and in a beaten-down voice say, ‘Yes, sir, anything you like sir, anything else, sir?’ and he would laugh and tell me to knock it off”.

And the best part of all? Leo still keeps in contact with Kasi as a mentor and friend despite not having worked together for nearly a decade – what a top bloke!