Image credit: Instagram - @MrPorterLive

How to get over and move past a rejection

Rejection is the common embodiment of fear. Fresh from a rejection, it’s not uncommon to feel like this moment is the worst  moment of your entire life. Everything you know crumbles and all you did was ask if you could get some extra ketchup with your chips. You’ve got to learn to move past it.

The point I’m making is that, big or small, being rejected sucks. From asking someone out in primary school to applying for that dream job, being told you don’t cut it stings. It almost always feels like a personal attack and there’s not much you can do about it.

The School of Life have created this amazing video on how to deal and move past rejection. It’s beautifully animated and, as with all their videos, packs a huge dollop of emotion.

They write: “Rejection is always painful; it need not be a tragedy”. And that’s an important distinction. Rejection is only as bad as we make it. That’s why you find some people who are incredibly adept with being able to move past terrible encounters. It’s not that they have been rejected so many times they’re used to it, they just don’t make a big song and dance about rejection.

Here’s what we learned from this fantastic video:

  • Don’t attempt to minimise what’s happened. Putting on a brave face doesn’t help anyone. Allow your feelings so much space and indulgence that you become bored of feeling sorry for yourself.
  • Avoid denial. It’s easy to take any glimmering consolation as hope for the future but your denying the facts. Fill in the blanks of the rejection and chalk it up to a loss. Move past the experience and start to heal.
  • Ignore the little instinct that makes us want the attention of people who don’t want us. You’re better than that.