Five *Super* Effective Ways To Sober Up When Time Is Of The Essence

Thank goodness it’s Friday! When the clock strikes 4:30 (let’s be honest here) the euphoric TGIF moment becomes reality. What this moment represents is the maximum amount of free time you’ll have until you have to be sober again! Hooray!

Today we’re tackling the unfortunate event, that we’ve all been in, wherein you get stuck out and need to pull a U-turn on the drunken good-times in order to sober up and either get up the next morning, meet someone important or not make the mistakes you’re on a crash course to making.

1. Water 

Most of your problems in life can be solved by just drinking more water. Plain and simple. Alcohol is insanely dehydrating so drinking a glass of H2O for every alcoholic drink you have will top you up and slow down the process of alcohol in your body.


2. Coffee

For every problem that can’t be solved with water, coffee is the solution. in studies conducted on mice by the American Psychological Association (APA), it was demonstrated that while caffeine did improve the alertness of intoxicated mice.

It might not sober you up, but it’ll clear your head enough to make good decisions again.

3. Don’t try to wait the drunkenness out

I used to do this thing where I’d get in from a night out and stay up until six in the morning just because. I thought that if I could wait until the hangover kicks in and then go to sleep, I could skip the unpleasantness.

This doesn’t ever work, especially when you’re out. Take affirmative action or you’ll still be dizzy at 3am.

4. Avoid smoking

Smoking, some people believe, makes them feel more grounded when they’re drunk. Nicotine will make you feel briefly more awake however it will make your hangover 100x worse. That’s a sobering thought.

5. Keep moving

Physical activity helps you process the alcohol slightly faster than usual. Perspiration will also remove some of the alcohol from your system.

Whether you want to get on the dance-floor early or power walk to the next bar – you need any advantage you can get.