6 things ALL creative people do in their weekends

Sometimes it seems like super creative people are just born with this innate ability to innovate. But really, they all share similar habits that anyone can adopt and learn from.

Great ideas must come from somewhere, and why not while you’re relaxing or out enjoying yourself this weekend?

For a creative boost, follow these four habits of highly creative people.

1. Have some alone time

This is super important after a hectic work week. Carve out some quiet time and allow yourself to recharge. Escape any distractions, find a quiet place and really listen to your thoughts.


2. Do things with people

This may sound counter-intuitive after the first tip, but nurturing creativity also requires being inspired by others. This can come in many forms – reading, going out with friends, visiting your family – whatever lets you connect with other people, or at least their ideas.

3. Be productive

Rather than vegging out in front of the Netflix all weekend, keep yourself in a creative headspace by actively forcing yourself to use the right side of the brain. Do something productive over the weekend, whether that’s taking photos on your iPhone, visiting a museum or doodling on napkins at brunch.

4. Go on an adventure

Sometimes you need to shake up your routine to get the creative juices flowing, so go on a mini-break, try a new sport, or tag along with a friend to a totally insane party.


5. Practice makes perfect

Creativity is like a muscle, it needs to be exercised to develop. It’s all well and good telling yourself that you’re creative but without structured and, often, frustrating practice – you’ll never fulfil your potential.

6. Get inspired

By ‘inspired’ I don’t mean ‘watch Game of Thrones and kinda pay attention to the characters’, I mean actually sitting down and breaking down whatever media you like into it’s core components. To take inspiration, you need to understand what it is you claim to be inspired by.