Tech company offers a company-wide half-day so everyone can watch Game Of Thrones overnnight

I’m kept up at night wondering about all the companies in the world who don’t value the hit HBO fantasy Game Of Thrones as much as they should. Cut the team-building exercises, if you want to inspire motivation in your workers, let them enjoy their favourite drama series’ without work getting in the way.

Fortunately, there are companies out there who are actually compassionate to the plight of the functional nerd. +rehabstudio is a creative technology agency that works with clients as big as Google and Disney; they also understand how much their employees love Game Of Thrones.

Written in the employee handbook is a small passage that details the extra half-day of holiday every worker is entitled for following the first episode of each new season of Game Of Thrones.

“Why is this necessary?” the non-Westoros acquainted ask. Well, since the show debuts in America at their normal time and 2am here in the UK, it’d be unfair to ask workers to come in for a full-day having only a max of five hours of sleep.

“They could just not watch Game Of Thrones when it premieres?”. Are you mad? In order to avoid spoilers in this day and age you have to be watching these shows as they happen. It might seem small to you but for a lot of people, Game Of Thrones is all they have outside work.

Sharing a screenshot of the aforementioned handbook, Business Insider reports, Emma Willis took to LinkedIn to share the wonderful news. The paragraph reads: “All +rehab UK staff (London and Belfast offices) will also receive an additional half day (morning) holiday following the first episode of each new season of Game Of Thrones when simulaunched with the US”.

Game of Thrones

Image credit: Emma Willis

The additional clause encourages US workers to not share spoilers over company communication links, which is just good practice in general.

The sixth season of Game of Thrones premieres on the 24th April, check out the trailer below.