Columnist and blogger Lara Lain gives 9 reasons why your body and mind will thank you for travelling

Lara Lain left her glitzy career in the media behind in January 2014 with a one way ticket to Thailand…she ended up going around the world twice, visiting more countries than she ever imagined possible. Lara has worked in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and volunteered in Brazil for the FIFA World Cup on route.

Lara had never travelled before but knew there was “more of the world” she wanted to see. She had worked at LOOK magazine for nearly four years and left a life she loved in London to pursue a world of the unknown.

She wants to inspire others to follow their dreams and knows that she is living proof that once you book that ticket you never look back … Lara is currently on her way back to Australia the place that, above all others, completely stole her heart.

Image credit: Lara Lain

Image credit: Lara Lain

Despite what my Instagram (@LaraLain) may portray, travelling isn’t all about parties and wild nights with best friends. Here’s 9 reasons why travel really can open doors to a healthier, happier you.

1. ‘Better Than Ever’ Sound Good?

When did anyone look bad with an even, all-over tan 365 days a year?

2. Get Out

Sports abroad don’t have to be played indoors ”Because its raining. Again”. Hit up a sun drenched spot and your new favourite way to keep fit may well end up being in the open water. Mind the sharks.

3. Eat Less

So you’re exercising a lot more – you’re also likely to eat a lot less. No one craves a big meal when its 40 degrees outside.

The heat beat me in Thailand but the food was usually healthy - Credit: Lara Lain

The heat beat me in Thailand but the food was usually healthy – Credit: Lara Lain

4. Get The Glow

You’ve got your heart rate up and sweated out your sleepy head this morning. Now look at you; your skin is glowing for the rest of the day.

5. Lose The Products

If you’re healthy and tanned you may well find you don’t need to wear makeup. I have been travelling for the past 2 years and can’t remember the last time I wore foundation. At 30 years old, mascara and a slick of lippy is all I ever use.

Keep your face fresh! - Credit: Lara Lain

Keep your face fresh! – Credit: Lara Lain

6. Join The Club

Moved abroad and know no-one? Join a sports team of your choice and you’re guaranteed to make friends in your first session. No girl ever found new pals by sitting at home with chocolate and Netflix.

7. Feel Alive

The more you work out, the clearer your mind becomes. Think quicker, act smarter. Every workout will help you physically and mentally. You will become a better version of yourself.

8. Find Your Way

One of the most enjoyable ways to explore a new country is by foot. Put your trainers on and go for a run! You’ll be amazed at some of the places you end up seeing.

Beach running; one of the best ways to get fit - Credit: Lars Lain

Beach running; one of the best ways to get fit – Credit: Lars Lain

9. Don’t Forget The Fun

As much as you workout, don’t forget to keep a balance of parties, laughs and good food too. Don’t hang up those dancing shoes until you’re good and ready!

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