Coffee Lemonade Is The Latest Foodie Trend And It Sounds *Disgusting*

Hipsters, eh? You leave them alone for a couple of years and all of a sudden they’ve claimed coffee for their own; by ‘claimed for their own’ we mean ‘made weird’.

Coffee, the drink of which 70 million cups are drunk in one day in the UK. Hipsters have come along and, across the board, improved the drink, we think! There’s method behind the madness.

And while that’s still the case (and we love the occasional coffee nuanced with a bit of fruit), we’ve got to draw the line somewhere. Coffee lemonade is where we’re drawing that line…

Created in New York (where else?), this cold brew coffee is being brought to life under the moniker: The Almond Palmer. It’s basically cold brew served over ice with lemonade, vanilla syrup and almond milk… how does that sound to you?


Look, the hipster food and drink culture has done some truly remarkable things for the rest of us. 2016 wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for the introduction of cronuts or gourmet food trucks or basically anything served in a mason jar – point is, we’re big fans of the foodie evolution.

But this lemonade coffee abomination needs to be exiled to that dark dimension in Stranger Things… Reported to be overly acidic, this might be the perfect drink for anyone looking for a morning beverage as bitter as they feel.

While The Almond Palmer hasn’t taken off from the US yet, we reckon it’s only a matter of time before we get some variation of the coffee-lemonade monstrosity on these shores. Keep your eyes open for it next summer in any independent coffee shop that plays free-jazz, has knackered wooden tables and baristas with swallow tattoos….

Image credit: Instagram - @standcoffee

Image credit: Instagram – @standcoffee

However, if the Almond Palmer actually sounds tasty to you, you monster, follow this link to find out how to make it at home!