Chimpanzees ACTUALLY hold the secret to a perfect night’s sleep

What are chimpanzees done for us lately? Apart from slinging muck and yowling, they haven’t offered much in the way of substance for the betterment of us, the species that puts them in cages. That is until now. In a discovery that nobody saw coming, Chimpanzees might hold the secret to a perfect night’s sleep.

Bed companies have been profiting for years off of the achey backs of consumers, peddling empty promises for a ‘perfect night’s sleep’. Well, in Japan, this whole ruse might have been debunked by one primatologist that spent one night sleeping in the trees.

Koichiro Zamma is a researcher at the graduate school of Asian and African area studies at Kyoto University. After one night sleeping in the treetops of an east African forest, he went off to design a new type of sleeping experience.

He calls it the “humankind evolution bed”.


Image credit: Koichiro Zamma

The mattress is a simple design with a depression in the middle to replicate the dip in the chimpanzee’s treetop resting place and a raised border for legs, arms and heads.

As The Guardian reports, Zamma said: “Chimpanzee beds are designed to envelop the body, which is why they are so comfortable. They’re also built high up in the trees, so they rock with the movement of the branches. You could say they are the prototype of a baby’s cradle.”

Can you remember a time when you were uncomfortable as a baby? Didn’t think so.

These beds aren’t just for interest or speculation, Zamma plans of making the ‘humankind evolution bed’ part of the commercial market. As well as supporting the natural contours of the human body, the breathable fabric makes it the perfect bed for warm summer nights.

Well, if it’s good enough 250,000 chimpanzees, it’s good enough for us.