No More Checking Your Phone When You’re Out, The Gin Tub Bar Will Block Your Signal…

We’re all guilty of doing it but checking your phone when you’re out is up there with cutting the lines for the loos and not honouring the bar queue system as ‘rude social behaviour’. We won’t dance around it, you, your friends, and your friends’ mums are all addicted to your phones (so is this writer).

It’s the way of the world now, however, The Gin Tub, a bar in Sussex, is fighting our addiction for us.

The bar has made headlines for its clever and apocalyptic building design. By filling the insides of its brick structure with silver foil and copper wire, they’ve essential built a shelter from any mobile signals shooting down from space into your phone.

To make you feel better about being temporarily signalises, The Gin Tub have put a rotary telephone on each table that you use to order drinks – how fun is that?!

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The philosophy behind the new bar is to encourage patrons to “socialise with the people they are with, rather than the people they are not with”. A sign reads as you approach the copper-lined watering hole “No wifi, no signal! Just good old fashioned chit-chat!”.

This makes it the perfect location for a first date. It forces a sink or swim situation into your dating life. There is no option to sneakily text your girls for advice and second opinions, you have to figure this stuff out on your own.

However, there have been cases of people realising things about their friends that they haven’t realised before – namely because they’ve been distracted by their phones. When you’re put in quiet social setting and forced to speak to some people, you might realise they don’t have much to say…

Either way, what do you think? Is it about time that restaurants and bars took etiquette control into their own hands or should we trust ourselves to give our phones and friends the right amount of attention? That said, it’s good to remember to live in the moment occasionally – especially if there’s gin on tap!