Check out this London map of postcode personalities – do you fit your area?

We all have our stereotypes for certain parts of London. But how about checking out what personality traits are most commonly attributed to different postcodes, according to a 2015 survey?

In a recent survey conducted by Time Out, which appeared in an August issue of the mag, it was revealed that certain attributes can be assigned to different areas, whether it’s the biggest coffee drinkers, the friendliest, or, er, the one’s that watch the most porn.

The survey collected data from 12,350 Londoners and the findings are quite revealing…

Apparently, the biggest alcohol drinkers are in Clapton, where the survey revealed that 61% of those asked had faced a hangover at work that week.

If you’re based in Muswell Hill then you’re in luck, because this is apparently the friendliest area, meanwhile in East Finchley, the happiest people are having a great time.

East Ham is home to the most stressed people, whilst the least stressed live in West Ealing – which is also the place where residents get the most sleep.

Check out the map below to see what characteristics are attributed to your area.

Image Credit: Time Out

Image Credit: Time Out

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