Celebs had to do A Levels too, but how well did they do?

How great would it be to have the easy, breezy life of a celebrity? Sigh. With millions in the bank, endless holidays and wardrobe to die for, the list goes on and on. But they’re actually less different than you might thing. Even they had to go to school, do exams and experience dreaded results day. Just like you.

We reveal the smartest stars, and which famous faces have been successful without any qualifications whatsoever. Didn’t get the results you wanted today? This is just the sort of #inspo you need right now.

The A Stars

1. Natalie Portman

As a promising actress, putting your schoolwork above your career goals can be a tough choice. Who cares about photosynthesis when there are paychecks to be made? But Natalie Portman, 34, is proof that working hard at school can pay off. She is said to have an incredible SAT score (the American version of A Levels), and even skipped the premiere of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, in which she starred in, to study for her secondary school final exams.

After graduating from Harvard University, she revealed in an interview that she didn’t care if education ruined her career because she would rather be intelligent than a movie star. Impressive!

2. Tom Daley

Being one the country’s greatest sportsmen, or acing your A Levels? Not a choice many of us face but for Tom Daley, well, he did both! Despite training tirelessly for the 2012 Olympics, Tom, now 21, managed to get an A* in Geography, an A in Spanish and an A in Maths. We have no idea how he managed it. 3. Prince William Being a royal doesn’t give you a free pass to skip exams. Even Wills completed his A Levels (we wonder if his granny, our Queen, ordered him to knuckle down and study?). The second in line to the throne, now 33, secured an A in Geography, B in Art and C in Biology before heading off to St Andrews University where he met Kate Middleton.

The F-Famous

1. Gordon Ramsay

He’s one of the most successful (and terrifying) chefs in the public eye. A multimillionaire with cookbooks, a global TV presence and a total of 16 Michelin stars across his restaurants. To say that Gordon has made something of himself would be an understatement. Did good exam results play a role in his success? No they did certainly did not. Now 48, the celebrity foodie left school with only two O Levels (the equivalent of GCSEs) and applied to a cookery school run by the famous Roux brothers. After failing the written entrance exam, he decided to become a professional footballer instead. However, a knee injury at 19, when he was playing for the Glasgow Rangers, shattered that dream. Now best friends with David Beckham, he followed a different career but still enjoys the odd game with his mate.

2. Tinie Tempah

This rapper is proof that you don’t need sparkling A Level results to make it in the music industry. Tinie left school with a B in Media Studies, a B in Religious Studies and a D in Psychology. Yet look where the 26-year-old from South London is now. Tinie said that he did consider going on to do further education, but his music career took off and he just went with it. Talent can outperform grades. Eminem dropped out of school aged 17 and Professor Green left school before even taking his GCSEs.

3. Michelle Mone

She has just been announced as the new entrepreneurial tsar of our government, but for Michelle, the founder of brand Ultimo, schoolwork wasn’t important to her success. She left school at 15 to become a model. After having her first child she searched for a job in marketing, but made up qualifications on her CV to get the job. Since then she has set up a multi-million pound business and is now assisting the government. Girl power or what! Michelle is proof that grades don’t mean as much as determination.