How To Get The Biggest Caffeine Kick With These Coffee Hacks

The only divine substance that hasn’t been dispelled as myth: coffee. Bitter, unforgiving and addictive – coffee is the fuel that keeps our cities running. Without coffee the world would be an ultimately more chaotic and lethargic place to live in.

The absence of coffee in the average caffeine-dependent’s morning is an unspeakably terrible occurrence so make the most of every cup – you never know when you might be without one. Here are five ways to get the biggest caffeine kick out of your morning Joe.

1. Choose the lightest roast possible

The common misconception about coffee is that darker beans makes for a blacker coffee and therefore a stronger kick. It turns out that the lighter beans are the ones you want to get that morning jolt. The more the bean is roasted the darker it turns and the more energy-boosting chemicals are lost.

2. Two smaller cups is better than one big

As tempting as it is to fill a thermos up to the lid with piping hot java, you’re better off drinking two or three smaller cups across the morning to keep yourself awake. Roughly one cup an hour will give the best results possible for mental performance.

3. Serve yourself first

If you’re making a pot for your overnight guests or roommate, actualise the phrase ‘necessary evil’ by pouring your own cup first. The caffeine typically ends up at the top of a pot so if you want the extra energy, which we know you do, dole out your mug first on the sly.

4. The secret ingredient is grapefruit

This one you would have never guessed – it turns out that consuming grapefruit can boost the effectiveness of caffeine. The compound narangin pumps the breaks on the expulsion of caffeine from your body so by swallowing a chunk of grapefruit in the morning with your coffee you can maintain the buzz as much as you can.

5. Keep that grind fine

We’re not going to say we fully understand the complexities of making coffee but it is true that the more beans are ground the more caffeine can be extracted. Opt for a finely ground instant blend on your next shop or even consider grinding your own beans if you fancy yourself a bit of a connoisseur.