Columnist Lara Lain on why Brighton is your perfect summer break!

Lara Lain left her glitzy career in the media behind in January 2014 to go and work abroad. She bought a one way ticket to Thailand…and ended up going around the world twice, visiting over 10 countries, working in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and volunteering in Brazil for the FIFA World Cup during her travels. Brighton

For something a little bit more local, Lara gives us the low-down on why Brighton might be your perfect summer break!


Image credit: Sarah Louise-Burns

Brimming with good vibes only, Brighton is your place for an uplifting break!. Pack your bags and hit the seaside for a the long weekend away from your routine.

Getting there

Trains from London take just one hour, you’ll go from desk to seafront cocktails in no time. Trains from Gatwick only take 30 minutes – hello sunshine! If you prefer to drive it will be an easy route, buckle up and enjoy the journey.


Brighton is full of family run B&B’s and it’s always nice to support local businesses wherever you go – take your pick. Or round up your friends and chip in for a plush beach front pad through Air B&B. Perhaps you’d love a themed room in Brighton’s best rated boutique hotel; Blanch House.


Image credit: RexFeatures

Things to do

  • Splash your spending money shopping the infamous Lanes. You’ll find kooky trinkets, fashion and all sorts of creative masterpieces that you’ll want to take home. Take a bit of cash and empty bags to fill with goodies! You’ll find shops on the beachfront and at the Open Market too.
  • A trip to Brighton wouldn’t be complete without an afternoon on the pier. Be a big kid with fair rides and candy floss.
  • Be sure to make the most of your summer days with a camera in hand and your bikini on standby. Once you visit Brighton you’ll be back!

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