Brexit schmexit: What’s it actually all about? And should we care?

Soon we’ll be voting on whether we should leave the EU or not. It won’t affect the oldies like Boris and our parents, it will affect us and our children. So it’s kind of a big deal. Here’s we’re discussing why Brexit matters and what it’s all about.

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So your reaction to the whole Brexit thing is probably summed up by this gif.


Who really cares? But it’s actually more interesting that you might think. Bear with us…

Where did the idea come from?

What the hell is Brexit?

Someone thought it was clever to shorten ‘Britain’s exit’ into Brexit. A bit like celeb couples Kimye, Talvin and Zigi. Kind of. Bit sarcastic clap to whoever was clever enough to think of that one…


Reasons to stay in the EU

  • Travel – It’s easy to travel and work abroad in Europe right now. Around 1.4 million British people live abroad in the EU and membership means that moving between countries is simpler. Check out our guide to the 5 easiest countries to work abroad in (Europe is in there!)
  • Trade – Ever noticed how online shopping from the US comes with hefty charges, but it’s not the same when shopping from Europe? Yep, some of our biggest trade partners are actually in Europe and membership allows us to draw our own trading rules.
  • Jobs – This is one we all care about! Millions of jobs are linked to us being in the EU and if we left this could all change.
  • Protection – We wouldn’t have to adhere to the Human Rights Act if we left Europe and we would also no longer have The European Arrest Warrant which allows criminals in the EU to be brought to justice.

Reasons to leave the EU

  • Immigration and border control – This would be back in our hands, rather than the freedom of movement that the EU gives.
  • Saving – We’d save around £24 million PER DAY if we left the EU. And we’re kind of in a lot of debt right now…
  • Other countries and left and been OK – Norway left and still trades with the EU fine.
  • Democracy – We’d get to make our own new laws.


What else do I need to know?

Probably a whole lot more, but another good place to look is Peter Yeung’s chatbot called ‘WTF Is Brexit?’ Thank us later!