Image credit: Instagram - @coffeenclothes

How your body changes when you disconnect from your phone

If you can’t go five minutes without checking your Facebook, tweeting your thoughts to the inter-web or smashing a few sweets on Candy Crush, then you may have a problem. You have a smartphone obsession. We still love you, we just want to address your issues, move on with your life and teach yourself how to disconnect.

On this video from Elite Daily that this description pertains to, there’s a great comment that reads: “First you tried to make us stop drinking coffee, now you want to try to stop us from using our phones. In just about a couple videos more, we’d all be living in a fucking cave”.

I’m sure there is a hint of sarcasm embedded in this devilishly nuanced comment but the point stands. There are genuinely people out there that think that their world would shatter if they disconnected from their phones.

Even Elite Daily say that “we now can’t function about them” (them being our phones) but, as the video above shows, you can sometimes function better if we disconnect from them! This is what we learned:

  • Improved posture: Research shows that looking down at your smartphone can put about 60 pounds of force on your neck, causing strain and pain!
  • Increased focus: Taking time to disconnect and unplug allows the brain to focus on one single thing at one time. Ever wondered why we have our best ideas in the show? It’s because we have zero distractions.
  • Decreased stress: Obsessively checking texts and emails puts the brain into ‘work mode’ which can really inhibit the ability to relax.
  • Better sleep: I think we’ve heard enough about melatonin and why you shouldn’t check your phone before bed…

Hopefully you’ve learned something, if not, watch the above video for a more visual explanation of this whole disconnecting thing.