Block out office noise with these GENIUS bluetooth earplugs

Just when you thought Linda in facilities couldn’t have another story about her nephew’s sports day, she’s off again. The average office is a cavalcade of unwanted noise and pointless distractions. If only there were tech-savvy earplugs you can connect to your phone, block out background noise and still hear what you need to.

Introducing the newest development in plugging-ear technology: Hush’s smart earplugs. On the surface, they work like a really good pair of earplugs, locking a seal around your earholes and blocking out sound – in case you didn’t know how earplugs work.

However, the magic lies in the Hush companion app where you can control what kind of atmosphere or noises you can pump into your head. The product is marketed for long flights, nocturnal students and snoring partners.

The app has a variety of features like notification alerts, personal alarms that only you can hear as well as soothing sounds including white noise, pink noise, rainfall, crackling fire and thunderstorms. The app also can generate binaural beats through your earplugs which encourages certain brain states like ones for relaxation or concentration – think of it like coffee or warm milk in noise form.

The product is currently $400,000 over it’s original $100,000 goal on Kickstarter. You can visit it’s page to learn more about the product. The estimated price is somewhere between £100 – £200 but, depending on how much you value peace and quiet, that might not be considered too steep.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to play music through them because the idea is that you can still hear what’s going on in your surroundings – you’ll just be a lot less frustrated by it.

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