Beauty hacks: 4 complimentary treatments you need to know

Everyone loves a pamper, but not everyone can afford to break the bank just to open up those pores or get their eyebrows ready for the general public.

Thankfully there are ways you can keep yourself up to date with the latest beauty trends without popping your purse.

1. Tame your brows

Try out Benefit’s complimentary brow mapping service, where they will help you work out the best shaped brow for your face. Clinique also offer an express brow service in which you can learn how to shape your brows.

2. Grab a sample

Clinique will give you a sample worth of foundation for free when you head to any one of their counters for colour-matching advice. No7 use their Match Made technology to find your perfect shade out of their 17 options, and will give you a sample to take home!

3. Treat your hands

How about taking a break from your shopping and grabbing a quick hand massage? Head to Jo Malone for a hand and arm massage using your favourite scent. You can also treat yourself to a free massage at Molton Brown, where they give express treatments using their latest products.

4. Take a risk

Try something new with a free makeover. Head over to your nearest Chanel counter for a 15 minute makeover. Take one of their masterclasses using their favourite products. Benefit also offer flash make-up tutorials in-store to freshen up mid-shop.

Now what?